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Codex: History of Video Games

Dec 31, 2018

Tyler and Mike are back to finish up the history of the original Xbox! They discuss Halo, Xbox Live, and some of their favorite games for the system. The theme music is by RoccoW. The logo was created by Dani Dodge.

Dec 17, 2018

Mike and Tyler do their first part on the history of the Xbox. They talk about what made Microsoft want to enter the home console market, the Duke, and the games that launched with the system. There will be no episode next week on Monday, December 24th, but they'll be back with part two on the 31st. The theme music is...

Dec 10, 2018

Tyler and Mike go over the top ten best selling Sega Dreamcast games. The source for this episode can be found here. The theme song is by RoccoW. Our logo was designed by Dani Dodge.

Dec 3, 2018

Tyler and Mike talk about the top ten best selling (well shipped) PlayStation 2 games. They also discuss some of their own personal honorable mentions. The theme song is by RoccoW. Our logo was designed by Dani Dodge.

Nov 29, 2018

Tyler and Mike finish the book! In the last chapter they talk about the end of Sega manufacturing hardware, the American release of the PlayStation 2, and the video game slump in Japan that happened in 1998-1999. Our primary source is the book "The Ultimate History of Video Games" by Steven L. Kent. The theme song is by...